In the Field

Extra-terrestrial uses an agricultural system that preserves soil fertility by using natural resources, avoiding the use of chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), resulting in healthy and organic food.

Extra-terrestrial rotates different crops that contribute to soil enrichment in the same area or plot throughout the seasons. By applying this technique, we reduce excessive expenditure on fertilisers to maintain soil fertility and the use of treatments to prevent pests.

We use sprinkler and drip irrigation systems on our crops, seeking to minimise water consumption as much as possible and using this valuable resource efficiently.

Imagen de planta en el campo, la extra-terrestre
imagen de la planta Agricultura ecológica

In the Plant

At La Extra-terrestre, we strive to maintain a constantly evolving production process. We have extensive production plants equipped with modern facilities including refrigeration systems and specific production lines for each product.

We supervise the different stages of production, storage and distribution, always with a view to guaranteeing the quality of our organic vegetables.

La Extra-terrestre is a company with a human focus, in which each of its members contributes their knowledge to the service of our customers. We are a team committed to all stages of the production chain, ensuring the organic quality of our products and guaranteeing the traceability of our vegetables from the field to the consumer.

We are attentive to the needs of our customers, identifying their requirements and adjusting to their demands with maximum flexibility.

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