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At La Extra-terrestre, organic farming represents a lifestyle based on the unique relationship between human beings and their natural and social environment. Through this practice, we meet the current needs of a conscious consumer who considers the needs of future generations.



Our approach is to apply an agricultural system that protects the fertility of the soil using natural resources, avoiding the use of chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which allows us to obtain healthy and organic food. In this way, we achieve agricultural and economic sustainability in our rural environment.


Through Organic Agriculture, we seek to be part of a sustainable and inclusive rural development, involving all the actors in the chain in the equitable distribution of the value of our work, bringing the consumer and the farmer closer together, and offering products with the greatest guarantees for their food safety.

Imagen de una Naranja en el árbol agricultura-ecologica2-la-extra-terrestre
imagen de Stand La Extra-terrestre en congreso de agricultura


At La Extra-terrestre, we understand that ethics, the environment and markets must work together to enable sustainable rural development. Our company is the main economic engine of our region, employing approximately 200 permanent workers and more than 500 seasonal workers during the harvesting and packing seasons, mostly women and all from nearby communities.

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